atvdigiframe plugin now available as download version

You can download the plugin for free and use it as long as you want. The basic version is restricted to durations of up to 2 minutes between two slides. To remove this limitation, you need to purchase a registration key.
In order to install the plugin, you have to have ssh access to your AppleTV ("hacked"). Our partner offers all tools required to patch your AppleTV.

How does it work, how can I get it, how much does it cost ?

The "digiframe" plugin is incorporated in the "Photos" settings of the AppleTV. All settings are controllable via the Apple TV remote control or via iPhone / iPod touch (ATV firmware version 2.1 or higher required).
You can choose to either buy a new AppleTV (we offer 40 GB and 160 GB versions) or you can send us your device, we install the plugin for you and send it back again to you (shipping and handling is to be paid by you). We also offer a download solution here.

atvdigiframe welcomes you !

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of digital photos that you really like, but your computer monitor is too small to allow you to enjoy your photos ?
You don't want to spend several hundred to more than a thousand dollars for a wireless digital picture frame that in the end is still to small to make your personal art come alive ?
But you have a nice flat screen TV ? - Then say "hi" to our "digiframe" plugin for AppleTV.
This specially designed software allows you to use AppleTV as a true digital picture frame without any limitations ! Set the display duration for your photos anywhere from several seconds to days !
A standard AppleTV device is limited to a maximum delay of 20 seconds between two photos in the slideshow mode. We overcame this problem and allow you to conveniently set up your own delay between photos.